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Branding, Advertising

In this case study, BMW needs a new brand identity based on their current needs. The company would like to be seen by the next generation, have their logo work across multiple platforms, and have clients relate to them as a relationship brand.


The Ad for this campaign won 2023 AIGA PinUP Best Advertisement.

The Logo
I leaned into BMW's Bavarian history eventually getting a highly abstracted logo based on their colossal statue. Most importantly, the logo embraces travel and relationships. The figure (seen right) and most historical statues worldwide have a distinct dark green color, but usually, there is a spot with a bright patina where visitors touch and connect. The logo communicates the same relationship.


Ad Campaign
I reframed BMW as attractive for overall luxury travel. The campaign emphasizes the luxury of traveling in a BMW as more appealing than just getting where you're going fast and uncomfortably, such as by airplane. It speaks to embracing the road trip again but with all the luxurious attributes of a BMW.

New Tag: Experience Matters

Graphic Treatment: Use the new logo as a travel landscape

Magazine Ad

Billboard Ad

Instagram Ad

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